Road Lighting 2015: Smart City Investment

Welcome to Road Lighting 2015, March 9-10, Auckland, New Zealand:
the award-winning road lighting conference for road lighting authorities and professionals in New Zealand and Australia.

Registration for the 2015 road lighting conference is now open.

The conference programme is designed to assist road controlling authorities plan a transition to LED road lighting through long-term infrastructure strategies.  It provides insights on procurement and implementation for the best, future-proofed results, as well as the latest information on the health and safety benefits of using LEDs.

LED lighting is driving a revolution in road lighting infrastructure that will support our smart cities of the future. 

LED lighting uses half the electricity of high pressure sodium lighting, reduces maintenance costs by more than 50%, allows for easier and more precise lighting control, and helps create safer conditions for road users. It establishes the flexible electronic network required to help us make the transformation to smart cities.

The directional quality of LED lighting keeps light pollution to a minimum and helps preserve the night sky for our enjoyment. Research shows not only that white LED lighting provides better visibility and creates safer conditions for road users, but also that it can be controlled in ways that allow wildlife to live more natural lives.

Join us in Auckland, New Zealand, March 9 and 10, at Road Lighting 2015, the road lighting conference at which you can  learn first-hand from the experts who are managing the world’s largest LED retrofits. Meet the people who could help you design, construct and finance the project, and manage and underwrite the risk. Network with lighting engineers and project managers who are introducing the new technologies to New Zealand and Australia.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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