• Road Controlling Authorities (RCA) Forum

    The RCA Forum is an officials group with representatives from 66 territorial local authorities, the Department of Conservation, Local Government New Zealand and the New Zealand Transport Agency. It is a forum for resolving issues of common concern.

  • Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ)

    LGNZ represents the national interests of councils in New Zealand and leads best practice in the local government sector, providing advocacy and policy services, business support, advice and training to assist its members to build successful communities throughout NZ.

  • Lighting Council New Zealand (LCNZ)

    Lighting Council New Zealand represents the industry with regard to the formulation of regulation, compliance and environmental issues, all of which will have an increasingly significant impact on our industry in the future. LCNZ members participate in the formulation of International and Joint Standards with Australia, ensuring the industry is in step with other similar markets in many parts of the world. LCNZ aims to encourage improvement in lighting practices, promote ethical standards, advance the professionalism of the lighting industry and promote its interests in New Zealand.

  • Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM)

    The New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) is the national organisation that supports and develops local government professionals in New Zealand.  As an incorporated society for local government, our focus is on providing professional leadership, promoting excellence in management practice and developing the sector capability to enhance service delivery to our local communities.

  • Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand (IESANZ)

    The aim of the Society is the advancement of the art and science of illumination and the dissemination of knowledge to all interested parties. The Society’s diversified membership includes engineers, architects, educators, students, contractors, manufacturers and designers.  The Society operates under the name: IES: The Lighting Society.

  • New Zealand Traffic Institute (TRAFINZ

    The New Zealand Local Authority Traffic Institute or TRAFINZ represents local authority views on road safety and traffic management in New Zealand. It exists to lobby the government, to influence decision making on road safety and traffic issues. It also acts as a forum for collectively pursuing traffic issues of interest to local authorities, and for sharing information and advice.  The next TRAFINZ conference Transport Futures: The changing face of transport will be held in Dunedin 12-14 August 2015  

  • Energy Management Association of NZ (EMANZ)

    EMANZ promotes the highest standards of Energy Management skills and competence to foster and facilitate the integration of sound Energy Management practices into all sectors of the New Zealand economy.  It is a collaborating technical society of the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) which supports its members through a range of activities that raise skills, knowledge and all-round competence in energy management.

  • Massey University

    Massey University offers lighting education and independent laboratory facilities through our Albany campus. Our Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology (Lighting) fulfils the academic requirements for membership of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand, the professional body for lighting in Australasia. Our photometric laboratory, which is available to assist the lighting industry, is capable of measuring a wide range of lamp and luminaire characteristics.

  • Electrical Contractors Association of NZ (ECANZ)

    The Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand has a membership of 1,450 electrical contracting businesses operating under the MASTERelectricians brand. These members employ 7,000 electrical workers and have total annual combined sales of $1 billion.MASTERelectrician Contractors are the professionals of the electrical trade and with ECANZ's organisational strength behind them, specifying a MASTERelectrician Contractor is your safeguard against sub-standard workmanship.  

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