Road Lighting Conference returns in 2015

Road Lighting 2015 will return next year to help New Zealand road lighting authorities learn about LED road lighting developments that could halve New Zealand’s road lighting costs.

Strategic Lighting Partners (SLP) Ltd announced today that Road Lighting 2015 will be held on 9-10 March at the Langham Hotel in Auckland and will feature international experts with first-hand experience of switching to efficient road lighting.

“Energy efficiency and safer road conditions are well-researched benefits of LED road lighting.  LED lighting could save up to 50% or more of the energy currently consumed on road lighting, and white LED lighting significantly improves road visibility and driver reaction times,” says Strategic Lighting Partner (SLP) Directors Godfrey Bridger and Bryan King.

“The 2014 conference opened the eyes of the road lighting community to the opportunities available, and the 2015 conference will build on concepts of liveable cities and the sustainable night economy.”

The inaugural conference in 2014 won the Public Relations Institute of NZ annual award for a “Special Event”.  More than 95% of attendees surveyed after the conference said they would attend again.

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